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  1. The students who migrate from other college will have a pay Admission fees and Annual charges besides Registration Fees.
  2. A students who wants to withdraw his name from the College Rolls will have to submit an application with his/her parents’/guardian’ signature. He/she will have to pay all his/her dues and return Library books, N.C.C. uniform etc. before applying for the permission to leave the college.
  3. All the students are issued identity cards in the beginning of the session from the Library. The card should be get signed by the Librarian as well as the Principal. It should remain with the student all the time. It is essential to show this card when asked by the Principal or a teacher. This card can not be transferred to any other student. If the identity card is lost, a new one can be obtained by the permission of the Principal after paying Rs. 50.
  4. Bus passes to the students will be issued from Panipat to the place of their residence as shown in their admission form.
  5. Students will keep their bus passes carefully. If a bus pass id lost, the duplicate one will be issued by the special permission of the Principal after showing the copy of the police F.I.R. and depositing Rs. 100 in the college office.
  6. Aimless loitering in the college verandas is undesirable. During the free periods, the students should study in the Library or the lawns of the college.
  7. Bringing or inviting outsiders to the college is prohibited. Disciplinary action will be taken against a student violating this rule.
  8. If a student’s conduct is found against the rules and regulations of the college, the Principal has the right to expel him from the college. In such a situation no against the Principal will be entertained.
  9. Boys’ entry to the Girls’ wing, without permission, is prohibited. A boy violating this rule can be expelled from the college.
  10. If Kurukshetra University declares the admission of a student illegal or does not approve of the admission of a student in a particular class the whole responsibility will lie with the student and his guardian/parents. The college will not responsible for it in any condition.
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